What Is A Hang Up Inversion Table Used For?

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hang up inversion tableHang Up Inversion Table

hang up inversion table is used to relieve the back pains you’re experiencing.  It is used to soothe your backaches in a more natural way.

Although some people would quickly go to chiropractors or resort to medicines, there are also some who choose to stick to natural ways like this hang up inversion table. If you have never done inversion therapy then you must have a lot of questions when it comes to inversion tableBut no matter how many questions you may have in mind, all of those frequently asked questions will be answered by this article.

If you are still having second thoughts about using an inversion table, below are some of the reasons on why you should set aside your skepticism.

What are the exercises that can be done using hang up inversion table?

There are many exercises you can perform using an inversion table. These exercises will help you to relieve tensions on your back pains. However, you must know how to control your body and to ensure that you don’t overdo these exercises to avoid more injuries.

Some of the exercises that you can perform using an inversion table include partial inversion, full inversion, inverted crunches, full sit-ups, inverted squats, rotational stretching, back extensions, and added traction. As you can see, some of the exercises are already familiar to you. However, some might be new to you. Thus, you must familiarize yourself with those new exercises and take things slowly.

Can children who have Scoliosis use hang up inversion table?

Medical advisor prefers children with Scoliosis to use inversion as early as they can. Inversions can greatly help to reverse the effects of scoliosis. Also, inversions can help to slow down the effects of scoliosis for children with ages 12 to 14. Since the bones are not fully hardened, the inversion is a useful equipment to lessen the effects of scoliosis. The size of the inversion table can be a concern therefore children must always have parental supervision.

Some benefits of using hang up inversion table

  • Reduced stress – Inversion tables are used in spas and centers as a form of relaxation. Doing inversion therapy for at least 15 minutes every day will help you deal with stress. Furthermore, inversion therapy will also help release bad vibes as well as calm your nerves and muscles. If you want to experience a stress-free day then make inversion therapy a habit.
  • Improved flexibility – If you are looking for equipment that will help you enhance your flexibility then the inversion table is perfect for your needs. The inversion table will enable you to stretch your muscles on a regular basis. Moreover, an inversion table will also develop your body’s posture by realigning your spine. The benefits of having a flexible muscle and a proper body posture will help you to perform your daily routines without any pains.
  • Improve mental alertness – Another benefit of using hang up inversion table is mental alertness. When you are doing an activity that requires you to go upside-down, you will automatically increase the oxygen supply in your brain. This is one of the greatest perks of exercising with an inversion table. The inversion table will add the blood supply in your brain which in result improves your overall mental state.
  • Maintain proper blood circulation – When you are using an inversion table on a regular basis, the body can circulate effortlessly due to the gravity brought about by inversions therapy.

Although there are many doubts with regards to the effectiveness of hangup inversion table when it comes to relieving pain it’s still considered one of the best by many. So consider investing in one if you want to alleviate back pains in a more natural manner.


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