What Causes A Sciatic Nerve Pinch In Back

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What Causes A Sciatic Nerve Pinch In Back

Sciatic Nerve Pinch In Back

The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the body, which is composed of individual nerve roots. It starts in the lower back down the back of each leg. ‘Sciatica’ is a term used to describe the pain or discomfort experienced due to pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve or its nerve roots. Although a lot of people may experience lower back problems, it is estimated that only 5% of those people will have sciatic nerve pinch. I have personally struggled with sciatica for years and I know that it can be extremely painful and debilitating.

This condition is more common among middle-aged people, specifically between the ages of 20 and 50. There are two things that you should know when understanding the nature of the painful sciatic nerve pinch.
The first thing is that, while this condition may be insufferably painful, sciatic nerve pinch symptoms normally go away within a month.

Sciatic Nerve Pinch In Back

The doctor may usually advise you to perform some self-care treatments and the same generic stretches they show everyone, which can ease the discomfort in some cases, but many times it does not.
sciatic nerve pinch is not a disease itself, rather a set of symptoms of an underlying medical condition that should be properly assessed and corrected with the help of experienced professionals.


Causes of a Pinched Sciatic Nerve

In order to provide the best treatment for sciatica, you must be able to know the main cause because it may vary from person to person. The most common cause for Sciatica is a herniated disc, this happens when one of the discs that pillows the vertebrae slides out of place and presses on a nerve.
Other causes are Spinal Stenosis or the narrowing of the canal, which holds the spinal cord and other nerve roots; spinal tumors that cause pressure on the sciatic nerve and Piriformis syndrome, the condition in which the Piriformis muscle located in the upper thigh traps the sciatic nerve, causing it to go into spasm, can also cause pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Sciatic Nerve Pinch Symptoms

You should know that the nerve roots that form the sciatic nerve are highly sensitive. This means that they are easily irritated and in turn becomes inflamed which causes the main symptom of sciatic nerve pinch which is pain. The sciatic nerve pinch symptoms usually vary depending on the nerve root that is irritated.
Pain is always the common manifestation of this condition; it often follows a descending pattern, which means that pain would start from the lower back downwards. The kind of pain felt is characterized by tingling pain on only one extremity. This pain is usually aggravated when sitting, walking, or any form of physical activity. There is also muscle weakness or numbness making it difficult for the person to walk.

Treatments for a Pinched Sciatic Nerve

Treatments for sciatic nerve pinch can range from simple home-care remedies to drug treatment and physical therapy. If the underlying medical condition is serious, the doctor may opt for a surgery to correct the condition. Nowadays, alternative medication such as with the use of herbs has shown great effects not only in the relief of pain and discomfort, but also with the prevention of its recurrence.

Matricaria recutita and Devils claw are two herbs that have been used for centuries in the treatment of back pain because of their powerful anti-inflammatory properties. For a natural pain remedy made with these ingredients and more I recommend Heal and Soothe. Other support guides are likewise widely available to aid you in learning more about this condition. In fact, Natural Sciatic Relief is a complete guide to understanding and treating sciatica, a website made for back pain sufferer by a back pain sufferer. You can sign up for the free guide below this text or in the sidebar to the right.

It contains a lot of necessary information about a person who has experienced the condition himself and have tried various treatments in order to find the right one that works. Who better to tell you what to do than someone who knows exactly what you are going through? :)

What Causes A Sciatic Nerve Pinch In Back