What Are Some Effective Lower Back Pain Stretches

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What Are Some Effective Lower Back Pain Stretches

lower back pain stretchesWhen age gets in the way of the things that you have to do, it can get frustrating. And many times it is not just age that may prevent you from being active.

There are some instances when you are still young and you still experience a lot of back pain, like in my case for example. At just 24 years old I had suffered multiple back injuries, herniated and bulging discs, severe sciatica down my right leg, and moderate/severe spinal stenosis… It’s really not a lot of fun, I know from experience!

You cannot disregard what these pains can do to the body and sometimes more importantly, what this pain can do to the mind. You have to be wondering how to treat lower back pain and what stretches will be best for the injury.

Keep in mind that even the smallest pains can end up putting you out for a longer time than what you might expect. And for such, you need to be ready.

Lower Back Pain Stretches

A lot of people have their opinions when it comes to this matter. Some think it works while others think it might be too much. There would be only a few people who are indifferent to this. To clear things up, lower back pain stretches do work. But there are two things that you need to think about before you start jumping up and down and moving like theres no tomorrow: professional opinion and what constitutes as a treatment that actually works.

The idea is that low back pain stretches are effective. Mostly, stretching will help relieve you of the pain that you feel after you have been sitting immobile for a day as you work at the office, or you have been in front of the computer for a long period of time. For such, stretches can work well in giving you the relief and even curing you of the condition.

But if you have a more serious injury caused from an accident, a fall, surgery, or another traumatic event, it’s important to know which stretches to steer clear of until the injury has been mostly healed.

There are five basic stretches that have been said by doctors that can work for any kind of back pain…. BUT THEY ARE WRONG! Some of these stretches may cause more damage! Depending on what your specific condition and cause for the back pain really is. But most doctors don’t know much about back pain, that’s why you should go to the back pain experts to find out which exercises and stretches are right for you specifically!


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The first one is standing hamstring stretch, a routine wherein you put your foot up on an elevated position and you try with both hands to reach for the toe will standing up.

The second one is the cat and camel, where you push your core inward and outward while standing on all fours.

The third one is the partial curl, a variation of the crunches where your arms are extended onward instead of on the back.

The fourth one is the pelvic tilt, wherein you have the same movement as the cat and camel, but instead of being on all fours, you will be on your back with your hands behind your head.

The fifth one is the prone hip extension, where you face the ground lying down, your arms bowed and one of your legs going up as high as possible. This is done interchangeably with both legs.


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A Few Tips for those Who Perform Lower Back Pain Stretches

Once you have learned which exercises and stretches you should be doing for your specific condition, and how to perform the stretches correctly without causing more damage, you should keep in mind the following advice:

As you perform the exercises, you need to keep in mind that most of the routines should not be overdone. Its like going through different exercise drills: never go and do too many reps so that you wont tire out easily. This is the same thing when it comes to these exercises.

Start out slowly, so that it hardly feels like you have worked your muscles at all for the first week or two and ease into the tougher exercises over time.

Also, it is of great importance that you do these early in the morning as well as throughout the day. It has been found that stretches not only allow you to recuperate from your back pains, but also, makes you more flexible when you do it early in the morning. And for such, it is important that you do them.

When the pain persists and you still have lingering conditions on your lower back, then do not perform anymore low back pain stretches! Consult a well educated physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist immediately so that you would know what action to take for your condition. You never know when the lingering pain may lead to something more severe than you expected.