Trigger Point Technologies – How To Self Treat Trigger Points

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Trigger Point Technologies – How To Self Treat Trigger Points

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are usually called ‘knots’ by most people but they are actually small groups of muscle fibers that have contracted and don’t want to release. This usually happens when the area around the trigger point has become stressed due to an injury or a muscle imbalance. These knots can cause some people far more pain than they could have ever imagined because often these knots produce radiating pain to other parts of the body, mimicking the pain of the injury that first caused the muscle fibers to contract and not want to release. There are a few trigger point technologies that some people have found helpful when learning how to self treat trigger points listed below.

How To Self Treat Trigger Points

There are several ways to self treat your trigger points, and since all it really takes is to place a strong amount of pressure directly on the contracted muscle fibers in order to get them to release, all you need to be able to do is locate them and then find a way to put pressure in the right spot… Then you try to focus as you push through the initial pain until the trigger point releases and the pain begins to go away.

Some parts of the body are hard to get at without the help of either another person or some sort of trigger point technologies to help you get at those hard to reach spots.

Trigger Point Technologies

The first trigger point self treatment kit that I’d like to tell you about is probably the best one if you’re looking for a way to reach all of the potential places for trigger points to develop without needing the assistance of a physiotherapist or massage therapist. That’s the beauty of these new trigger point technologies, you don’t need to have a trained (and expensive) care provider to get rid of your own trigger points!

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Trigger point therapy complete self treatment kit

Using this kit is easy, and it comes with everything you need, including trigger point charts and an instructional DVD to help you get started on your own path to a life without muscle pain!

Watch this video to find out if this kit is right for you

There are many other trigger point technologies out there that can help you in treating your back pain, but this kit comes with everything you need to get at ALL of the trigger points in your back, not just some of them.

Pretty much everyone I know who has tried this at home has thought it was worth buying, except for one person who emailed me and wasn’t happy because he wanted to use the kit to reach a tough trigger point in his leg and he wasn’t able to put enough pressure to release the trigger point while lying on the board.

I told him to try using it a bit differently and use the wall instead of the floor, and he reported back that it worked quite well, he just had to be a bit creative with this trigger point technology to make it work for the knot in his calf muscle.