Suffering From Severe Back Pain? Find Out How To Get Rid Of It Here

There are umpteen reasons responsible for back pain. This type of pain becomes typical as we grow older. This is caused due to the changes in the muscle strength, bone density and disc structure.

Lower back pain is very typical however pain can occur just about anywhere. If you’re lifting heavy objects, that might be the reason behind it. Lifting heavy objects causes muscles to overstretch and may sometimes also cause the disc to slide from its original position. This accounts for severe pain in the lumbar region. This pain may be sharp, dull or persistent that may be acute or chronic. When the spine is overworked, the disc may even rupture. This injury may exert pressure on blood vessels/nerves of the spinal chord and may even result in mal functioning of certain parts through which they innervate.

Injury or accidental damage that causes muscle damage may be a cause for extreme lower back pain. There are many other causes which include viral infections, osteoporosis, joint diseases, arthritis and other spine malformations. Improper standing, sitting and also sleeping postures cause lower back pain. Being over-weight, pregnant or not doing exercises may also add to the pain.

It’s also caused by internal medical conditions sometimes. Kidney dysfunctions, bowel syndrome, etc also contribute to back pain. Diabetic patients experience severe back pain due to nerve damage. Before they reach the chronic stage, it needs to be treated.

For extreme lower back pain, there are quite a few treatments. If you’re suffering from back pain, physicians also recommend appropriate treatment. It’s often a result of stress and strain of muscles. Thus, it’s very important to take proper treatments.

There are many medicines with anti inflammatory power which you can use to reduce the pain. Warm compressor is another treatment. This includes warm bath which releases muscle tension and increase blood circulation. This will rapidly heal back pain. Proper exercise is also important to relieve back pain. To learn the right exercises, you need to do them properly. For this, consult physical therapist. If you’d like to relieve yourself of muscle tension, there are quite a few muscle relaxers that will help you do just that.

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