Right Leg Pain: What Causes Pain In Right Leg?

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Right Leg Pain: What Causes Pain In Right Leg?

Right Leg Pain

Right Leg Pain

Causes of Pain in Right Leg

Experiencing left or right leg pain after a long day of walking, driving or biking is normal. But if the pain remains after some time or it happens even if you are not even doing anything, it could get pretty alarming. Especially when the pain is only concentrated on one side of the leg.

There are several causes of right leg pain. It could just be because of posture, position while sitting or sleeping or inflammation of the muscles. Other causes could be blood vessel disorders, ligaments sprains, joint paint and nerve problems. Right leg pain is pretty common especially for the lower extremities. Below are some of the possible reasons of unilateral pain on the leg that could either be a left or right leg pain.


Pain on the right side of the leg could be caused by Sciatica. This is the pain on the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down to the back of each leg. Some of the symptoms of sciatica are pain in the leg that gets worse when sitting, burning or tingling sensation on the leg, weakness, difficulty in moving and numbness, constant pain and shooting pain while standing up. Sometimes simple sciatica stretches can relieve this pain. Other causes of sciatica are lumbar spinal stenosis, isthmic spondylolisthesis and degenerative disc disease.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Another cause could be deep vein thrombosis. It could start off as a pain on the legs, then swelling and then the pain just gets worse. Deep vein thrombosis happen when a blood clot is formed on the vein of the deep system of the muscle. If not treated, it could be fatal!

Labral Tear and Snapping Hip Syndrome for runners

Runners on the other hand may experience extreme pain in right leg as well. It could be caused by a labral tear which is the abrasion of the cartilaginous lining of the hip socket. This happens when there is continues stress or trauma on the hip socket. It is a serious case and definitely requires a surgery. Another is the snapping hip syndrome which is caused by the contact of the thigh bones and pelvis to the muscles of the hip.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

In addition, it is discovered that lone left or right leg pain could also be associated with the arteries. The arteries on either side of the legs could be blocked as well and it is called the Peripheral Artery Disease. It is a muscle pain that is often related to high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and sedentary lifestyle. The symptoms are often similar to arthritis and the only way to know which is to get an ankle-brachial index (ABI) test.

Fractured Patella

If the pain is just on one leg, it could be a fractured patella or more commonly known as broken knee cap. The fracture could either be partial, complete or could be broken into several pieces. Pain on just one side, tenderness and swelling are the symptoms of fractured patella.

Acute Compartment Syndrome

The acute compartment syndrome happens when the pressure on the lower leg muscles are increased to dangerous levels. The pressure could restrict the blood flow, block nutrients and oxygen, and may lead to severe muscle damage. It could be caused by fractures on the lower extremities, serious muscle bruising, anabolic use of steroids and constricting bandages.

Calf Muscle Strain

The strain or tearing of the calf muscle on just one leg may also cause left or right leg pain. The calf muscles are one of the most commonly strained muscles in the body caused by too much pressure on the calf muscles or the overuse of it. Making sure to stretch correctly is important before or after any strenuous activity which could lead to a strained muscle. To learn how to stretch your entire body with safe and easy to do stretches, take a look at the Safe Stretching Guide.

Right Leg Pain: What Causes Pain In Right Leg?