Effective Tips For Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

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Expecting to have a child is one of the world’s best feelings. But the worst part is pain is also gifted with that. Most women experience back pain when they are pregnant. Here is our top 5 tips for pregnancy back pain relief.

There are a number of causes that lead to back pain in pregnancy.

Causes Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

  • Back pain may be caused due to increased weight
  • Posture changes in pregnancy may also lead to pain in back
  • The hormonal changes that take place in a body increases back ache
  • As the uterus expands, it may worsen back ache
  • Emotional stress causes muscle tension in back leading to back ache

How to Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain

  • Always try and use your body in an effective manner. Follow the correct postures, and avoid standing for a long period of time if you are pregnant. Go for short walks in between rather than just sitting at the same position
  • Use pillows to rest your thighs. While getting up from bed, be patient and slow, do not be in a hurry
  • Do not lift heavy bags, ask for help
  • Wear comfortable shoes to prevent your ankles getting twisted

It is very necessary to be careful in pregnancy. Take proper care so as not to hurt your back or have a sprain in your angle or leg.

Top 10 Tips For Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Pain in back is common while you are pregnant due to several reasons. There are some suggestions that can help a woman to ease back pain in pregnancy:

  • Effective physical exercises offer relaxation to the muscles and alleviate back ache. Try out simple stretching of hands and legs without putting much stress on the muscles. These exercises are simple but really effective
  • Massaging relaxes and soothes the tired muscles. Lower back can be gently massaged to get pregnancy back pain relief
  • If you are pregnant do not lean a several number of times unnecessarily. Take care of the body postures. Bad postures can worsen back ache
  • Opt for swimming under guidance. This can help in a great way to reduce ache during pregnancy
  • You may use Acupuncture during pregnancy under a trained and expert person
  • Use maternity pillows that are especially designed for pregnant women. They offer comfort and relaxation during pregnancy
  • Take a hot shower that eases discomfort
  • Opt for support belts designed to relax the back during pregnancy pains
  • Make women opt for homeopathy to get relief from back ache
  • Take help from an chiropractor, who may offer a number therapies and exercises that are beneficial to treat ache

Here are some more ways to get pregnancy back pain relief…

Avoid The Following Activities While Pregnant

There are certain things that should not be done during pregnancy. This may lead to worsen your back ache:

  • Do not lift heavy items
  • Do not sit or lie down in the same posture for a long time
  • Don’t lock your knees
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Wear flat and comfortable shoes
  • Keep one or both knees bend while sleeping
  • Hold your chest high

These are things that can help you to avoid pain and offer pregnancy back pain relief.  

Which types of back pain are common in pregnancy?

There are two common patterns of back ache in pregnancy. Lumbar pain occurs in the lower back, and posterior pelvic pain is felt in the pelvic region. Lumbar pain is about the pain that you may experience before getting pregnant. It takes place around the spine region. This pain is like a common pain that radiates to your feet. Standing or sitting in the same posture increases this type of ache all the more.

Pregnant women experience pelvic pain. This occurs in lower part of the body in the buttocks and thighs too. These types of pain increase if you walk for long periods, climb stairs, lift heavy objects etc.

Leaning forward or sitting at desk for long duration without taking break can increase a back ache more. The reason for back ache could also be sciatica. This pain easily radiates to the legs and toes. It has a pinching sensation around the legs. If you have sciatica you would feel numbness in the genital area.  You may find it difficult to urinate at this stage too.

If you are pregnant there are many things that you need to be careful about. Proper rest is very essential at this point of time. Your body gets prepared to deliver a child. You need to be very careful when you are handling your body. Lift objects in a proper manner, do not lean much, do not provide stress to your back, eat a nutritious diet, sleep well, use a good mattress. All these things would definitely help you offer pregnancy back pain relief.