Practical Back Spasms Treatment

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Practical Back Spasms Treatment

back spasms treatment

Back Spasms Treatment

For back spasm relief

Back spasms treatment is an absolute must if you find yourself suffering from the oh-so-uncomfortable popping in your back. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to be. Depending on how much pain you are in right now you’re probably not shocked to learn that back spasms are one of the most common forms of back pain.

Understanding Back Spasms

What is a spasm exactly? It’s a quick, abnormal contraction of the muscle that can be very painful. It’s almost like someone is poking you and your body is reacting. When the spasms are in your back, in the worst case scenarios, it can feel like you back is a battlefield with many different muscles firing randomly without any control.

These spasms can become almost unbearable, especially at night when they can keep you up for a few extra hours which compounds the problem because not only are you not getting enough sleep to properly rest your back, you’re also reducing your capability to deal with the issues that come up in daily life – thus adding to your overall stress level. At the height of my own personal back pain this was the exact situation that I had. It was extremely frustrating to have the spasms twitching while I was trying to sleep.

The Essentials of Back Spasms Treatment

The most common direct treatment for back spasms is to apply either hot or cold to the affected area. The application of both hot and cold temperatures works in similar ways to achieve the same result of promoting more blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow brings more nutrients and helps with the healing process, as well as speed up the waste removal from that area of the body.

So what is the Difference between Hot and Cold?

Because both temperatures work to increase blood flow, the main difference is that heat will soothe and relax the affected area, while cold will cause it to go numb. If you think of heat as a means of expanding things and loosening them up, and cold as a way to make the muscles contract and shut down; that’s a simplified analogy of what’s happening under the skin.

It’s best to use cold when an injury first happens. This helps remove the inflammation and should be applied as quickly as possible. Think of professional basketball players who sprain their ankles and then immediately head to the bench to have an ice pack applied. The same rule applies to you back pain when it first occurs. The cold will help reduce the initial swelling.

Use Hot for recurring or prolonged pain issues. After you have treated the initial swelling with cold, you can then switch to using hot to treat your back spasms that continue to be an issue.

Shocking your body with both hot and cold is something you may want to try if you are having intense back spasms. The goal of this is to shock the body so that it snaps out of the spasm pattern. To do this you can try 20 minutes of heat application followed by 20 minutes of cold and then repeating the cycle three times.

rub on relief

Rub on Relief

Additional Back Spasms Treatment Options

Most likely the causes of your spasms are brought on 100% by your lifestyle. This includes your overall health, workplace, the type of work that you and how much stress you are under.

The reality is that almost all of us could be healthier in one way or another, but when it comes to improving things in terms of back spasms treatment here are the first places that you should:

  • If you sit at work, how is your chair? I’ve found that the type of chair doesn’t matter so much so there’s no need to spend over a thousand dollars on a special chair. What’s most important for me was finding a chair that had adjustable arm rests so that my elbows could rest on the chair as I type on the computer. With my setup the arm rests are approximately the same height as the working surface of my desk.
  • Work your Back and Core Muscles. In my opinion nothing is going to do as much for your back spasms treatment than strengthening those muscles and loosening them up so that they can handle your day to day routine. While this may sound like a lot of work, even a few minutes of stretching and 10-20 sit-ups in the morning will do wonders for you.
  • Can you reduce your workload and stress level? There may be some simple changes that you can make to your work day to make big improvements with how much stress you have to undergo each day. Simple changes like getting in an hour earlier to work and leaving an hour earlier may be all that you need to do to start feeling some relief.

What are the Causes of Back Spasms?

The pain may originate from more serious problems like a herniated disc, straining your back by lifting heavy objects or from a sports injury. If these are the causes of your back pain then you need to go and get a professional to help you work through your pain. One sign of when you should consult a professional is if your spasms are extending downward towards your thighs and lower leg. This can be evidence of a pinched nerve and you should really have it looked at more closely.

However, the most common causes of back spasms are the following:

  • Weak back and core muscles
  • Poor, or unbalanced posture
  • Stress
  • Sitting too much
  • Poor sleeping position and not getting enough sleep

The good news about these common factors contributing to back pain are all totally reversible by making a few changes in your life. For me personally I think that adding a few sit-ups into my lifestyle, as well as stretching to help strengthen and loosen the back and core muscle groups made the biggest and quickest impact. With what I understand now about back health, when I now feel the pain coming on, I know that it’s time to do some stretches again for the next few days to loosen up those tight muscles.

If you’re currently in pain from back spasms, taking an honest look at your current work and life situation in regards to the above mentioned bullet points could be the key to getting your own back spasms treatment started without needing a trip to the doctor or specialist.