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Lower Back Pain Exercises for Men

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Stretches Exercises | 0 comments

Lower Back Pain Exercises for Men

Lower Back Pain Exercises Men

The lower back functions as structural support and protector of some body tissues.  It may seem trivial but lower back pain is the leading cause of inactivity among men.

Lower back pain is commonly caused by acute or chronic lumbar strain, bone and joint conditions, bony encroachment, lumbar radiculopathy and nerve irritation.

However, there are also instances wherein lower back pain is caused by other factors such as kidney problemsovary problemspregnancy and tumors.

The common advice for men who are experiencing lower back pain is for them to strengthen and stretch their lower back and abdominal muscles through specific lower back exercises for men.  The most common things that men do to relieve their lower back pain are to change their way of sitting, standing and walking.  There are various lower back exercises for men, thus, to not be confused, here are lower back pain exercises men should practice.  Though doing this can relieve the pain, these methods are not advisable since wrong postures can only worsen the condition.  On the other hand, lower back pain exercises men can prevent the occurrence and recurrence of the pain.

Lower Back Pain Exercises Men

These exercises would help them relax and strengthen their back muscles.  These lower back pain exercises men will enable them acquire more flexibility and resilience that would help them avoid chronic back pain.  However, men should remember that if a particular exercise will cause them too much pain, they should stop it.  Though these lower back pain exercises men will help them with their lower back pain, they should remember that they should avoid straining themselves and that they should take it easy.


Lower Back Pain Exercises for Men

  • Camel Stretch: To do this exercise, he should get on his hands and knees and position his arms straight up and down below his shoulders.  His thighs and knees should be positioned directly below his hips and his head should be raised and stretched upward.  Simultaneously, he should raise and stretch his hips upward while pulling his abdomen to the floor.
  • Hamstring Stretch: In this exercise, he should lie on his back and lift his right leg until his knee will point vertically.  His hands should be clasped around his thigh while his elbows are in a straight position.  Afterwards, he should lift the foot and calf until his foot is already pointing upward.  He should do this process for 30 seconds before repeating the whole process on the other leg.
  • Leg Raises: For this simple exercise, he should again lie on his back and lift one leg off the ground.  He should position the leg for 2 ft off the ground for 10 seconds.  Afterwards, he must gently lower the leg on the ground.  The same process will be done on the other leg.
  • Lower back pain chair exercise: This exercise will involve a chair wherein he would sit with his feet flat on the floor.  Afterwards, he will lift his left leg and place his ankle on his right knee.  He would lean forward and hold that position for 10 seconds.  The same process will be done with the other leg.
  • Prone hip extension: This exercise will require the pushup position.  He would then lift one of his legs for at least 4 inches to 2 ft and hold the said position for 5 seconds.  The same process will be done on the other leg.

These lower back pain exercises men are already proven to be helpful in many cases.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong to practice these lower back pain exercises men unless discomfort arises.  Of course, these are not a full recipe for a back pain cure, and in some cases they may not be the correct exercises at all.

Specific Lower Back Pain Exercises for Men

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Lower Back Pain Exercises for Men

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