Low Back Pain Relief: Know the Best Remedies

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Low Back Pain Relief: Know the Best Remedies

Low back pain is also known as ‘lumbago’. This is a musculoskeletal problem which is very irritating at times and interferes with the daily activities making it difficult for the patients to lead a normal life. This is so, since our lower back connects the upper and the lower body parts and endures majority of the body weight. Low back pain can be classified as acute, sub-acute and chronic based on duration. It can occur in any region between the ribs and the legs.

How do Back Pain Occur?

Back pain originates from minor musculoskeletal problems like sprains in the muscles or tissues. It occurs with the pain arising out of the blue when an individual tries to lift something heavy or performs some heavy physical tasks. The pain spreads laterally along the spine.

Why Does Low Back Pain Occur?

Experts say that low back pain often does not have a clear reason behind them.

Thus there can be various reasons as to why an individual would suffer from low back pain. Take a look at them here.


This is a defect in which one segment of vertebrae of an individual rides over another.

Herniated disc

Pain can also rise due to the spinal discs getting degraded gradually and starts growing thinner. The portion of the disc which contains a jelly like substance protrudes out of the central cavity and shoves a nerve root.


Fractures may occur in the spine if one is not careful. A direct blow to the spine, severe accidents from vehicles such as auto, bicycle or compressing the spine during a sudden fall can lead to acute pain in the lower back.


As one ages the bones gradually get worn out with movements made since the juices that lubricate them dries up.

Spinal Stenosis

A condition when the spinal canal narrows down to an abnormal size due to loss of moisture in intervertebral discs. This causes a lot of pain in the lower back.

Spinal Deformations

Spinal deformations such as scoliosis or kyphosis can also result in lower back pain.

Other Spinal Issues

There are other spinal problems which might also cause low back pain such as spinal tumors, bacterial infection in the spinal discs or spinal cord, surgery treatments, spinal injury and ankylosing spondylitis.

If you have read the causes carefully you must have realized that the above ailments can take a fatal turn if not treated in time. Thus, it is extremely important to undergo low back pain relief. But, how will you know that you need treatment unless you know the nature of symptoms that can develop.

What are the Symptoms of Low Back Pain?

Here are the symptoms or signs that will indicate that its time you consult your doctor and get your low back pain treated.

  • Muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Morning stiffness of back.
  • A dull and achy pain in the back that lasts for 48 to 72 hrs, decreasing very slowly and thus extends to days and even weeks.
  • Tingling sensation or numbness in the lower legs or foot which begins from the buttock region.
  • Weakness in both the legs and loss of control on bladder movements.
  • Pain in the leg which extends downwards from the knees to the ankle.
  • Acute abdominal pain.
  • Excruciating pain in the back and hip region which gets worse with time and lasts for 3-6 months.
  • Spine feels sensitive to the slightest touch and pressure.

Once you know symptoms now it will be easy for you to know when to call a medical expert for low back pain relief. But before getting treated you must make sure you get the diagnosis done through X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans to identify the extent of damage.

Can Low Back Pain Be Treated?

The answer is definitely yes! You can receive low back pain relief if you take note of the following remedies and follow them carefully.

  • Bed rest for maximum 2-3 days at a stretch following the pain is more than enough. Too much of rest will reduce the flexibility of the spine.
  • Walking is a simple exercise and is considered to be the best for lower back.
  • There are other specific exercises, which the doctor might advise, like stretching the muscles and strengthening them.
  • Avoiding activities which cause pain such as bending, lifting or reaching out.
  • Acupuncture, a natural way to block the pain. In this process thin needles are inserted at various points in the body which releases peptides or pain killing molecules.
  • Undergoing a massage therapy will help ease the low back pain to a great extent.
  • Applying capsaicin cream cures low back pain by creating an analgesic effect.
  • Deficiency of vitamin D can also be a factor. Thus, taking vitamin D supplements will also help.

You can prevent low back pain if you are careful about the way you sleep, sit or stand. Also, maintaining proper body weight, avoiding high heels can go a long way to cure your sprained back muscles. Yoga is another healthy way through which you can rejuvenate your lower back muscles. Following the above will reduce the need for critical surgeries and you can lead a stress free life.