How One Obscure Sciatica Stretch Might End Your Pain

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How One Obscure Sciatica Stretch Might End Your Pain

Obscure Sciatica Stretch

One Unknown Stretch That Might End Your Pain!

Watching the video below might be one of the most important videos you’ve ever watched if you’re like thousands of others suffering from any type of sciatica pain, piriformis pain, or gluteal pain (pain in the buttocks). This obscure stretch is one that I had never seen before. When I tried it the first time I knew it was doing something that I hadn’t been doing before… Getting a good sciatica stretch!

sciatica stretch

The first time I tried doing this sciatica stretch is when I realized just how tight my nerve/piriformis/glutes were. This stretch should be done very gently and try not to pull your hips up too much while doing this because if you have a herniated or bulging disc you may start putting weird pressure on it which could cause your condition to get worse! So just be careful.

With that being said, this stretch is one that most people have never seen or done before. And when you try it for yourself you will see how deep this stretch gets those tight muscles around the sciatic nerve which is what might be contributing to or even outright causing your sciatica.

Doing this stretch daily, as well as variations of it using an exercise ball, has helped me loosen up my very tight right side piriformis muscle which has helped me reduce the shooting sciatic pain that can be so terribly disabling when it flares up.

Of course, this one stretch alone probably won’t cure your sciatica or herniated disc, but it’s definitely one that most people don’t know about and no doctor or physio therapist I’ve met yet has known about this stretch. They’re usually pretty impressed when I show them this weird sciatic nerve stretch, because it’s one that nobody has ever shown them before and one that works quite well when done correctly!

The thing is, the sciatic nerve usually runs underneath the piriformis muscle, so unless the muscle has become inflamed or swollen, the sciatic nerve is left mostly unaffected. But in some people the nerve actually runs right through the piriformis, and other times it is around the other side of the piriformis muscle, in either case it’s important to keep it from becoming too tight which could trigger sciatica and nerve pain in the butt and down one or both of the legs.

Of course you should not do this if it feels bad or makes things worse. If you are currently seeing a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or other sort of rehabilitation specialist you should definitely ask for their opinion about doing this sciatica stretch before starting to incorporate it into your daily routine. If you try this stretch and it works for you, then great but it’s always wise to be careful and start out doing any new stretch or exercise slow and gently.


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