Gravity Inversion Tables: Do They Actually Work?

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Gravity Inversion Tables: Do They Actually Work?

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Pain in the back shouldn’t be dismissed as normal and average pain because it can indicate permanent damage, which consequently affects your movements and daily activities.

The back plays a major role in movement and any harm inflicted on the back can be very uncomfortable and restricting. One of the more common problems addressed by gravity inversion tables is sciatica, a set of symptoms that occur when discs and nerves of the spine are compressed. Sciatica causes intense pain, leaving a person immobilized and helpless at times.

Back pain is even damaging to the career, especially for those that rely on manual labor for bread and butter. Back pains can lead to more serious accidents, such as falling from the stairs. This opens the door to several other injuries that may really affect the lifestyle of a person.

Back pains are not only to be addressed by pain killers, as these are merely temporary cures. Moreover, constant intake of pain killers will make the body build resistance against them. When the pain comes back or becomes worse, the medication may not work anymore.

Gravity Inversion Tables

Gravity inversion tables are then a worthy investment because it does not harm the bodys immune system in anyway.

Gravity inversion tables are also particularly helpful in aiding blood circulation. When a person is inverted, his or her blood circulation is stimulated because of gravity. In the process, the inversion table will also help clear up the lymphatic system. This reduces the body and muscle aches commonly associated with back and sciatic problems.

Gravity Inversion Tables Can Reduce Stress

Many people also swear by the inversion tables power to relieve stress. The feeling comes almost instantaneously. According to inversion therapy clients, the relief that they feel in inversion therapy is similar to the relief that they feel after a yoga class or meditation session. It helps them take control of stress and makes them sleep better at night.

Gravity inversion tables also improve a persons flexibility and mobility. It keeps the joints in healthy condition, maintaining their suppleness. Even the old people undergoing the inversion therapy can still do their physical activities that they used to do when they were younger.

Gravity Inversion Tables And Posture

Expect the inversion table to improve your posture too. The gravity helps realign the spine that often becomes uneven without age and the increase of one-sided physical activities. Inversion therapy helps the body naturally align the spine. The gravity also improves the posture and injects more grace in the persons movements.

Studies On Gravity Inversion Tables

Several studies have been conducted by Newcastle experts on the effect of gravity inversion tables on back ailments. In one study, 8 inversion treatments had positive results on 88.6% of 175 patients. Although 8 treatments weren’t sufficient for all people, the study showed that mere 8 inversion treatments are powerful enough to lessen the pain. In another study, participants that displayed intense muscle pain exhibited improvement by a whopping 35% after they went through an inversion therapy. The relief, according to the respondents, almost immediately came in as little as 10 seconds.

Gravity inversion tables help reduce the number of sick days filed because of excruciating back pain. Plus, the inversion table therapy does not require a lot of processes. In another study, the inversion therapy reduced back surgeries to as much as 70.5%.

The gravity inversion table has been around since 3,000 BC and up to now, it has never failed any back patient. It addresses a multitude of nerve-related diseases, such as arthritis, pinched nerve, herniated disc, spondylosthesis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, and other back and nerve ailments that disrupt movement. Most of all, the treatment is safe if you buy a high quality inversion table. Just one piece of investment and you’re all set.