Exercises For Bad Back That You Can Do At Home

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Exercises For Bad Back That You Can Do At Home

Exercises For Bad Backs

Exercises For Bad Backs

Exercises For Bad Backs

Back pains are often caused by strained muscles and lack of exercise. There are several reasons that could range from simple muscle fatigue to problems on the spine. Some of the usual causes are long hours sitting at home or at the office in front of the computer or by lifting heavy things. Fortunately, there are exercises for bad back that could be done at home to ease back pain.

Exercises are important not only for the back but for the body in general. It helps in the circulation of the blood and decreases the pressure and strain on the muscles.  Exercises for bad back help the body to be physically fit so there would be less complications and problems. Another is the posture; there are exercises for bad back that could also help in improving the posture of the body. The muscles are also in a better condition when the body is fit. Healthy muscles mean more control and power when doing physical activities and smoother motion when lifting and moving. Furthermore, bad back exercises make the bones stronger and denser which prevents bone problems like osteoporosis and rupture of spinal disks.

When doing back pain exercises you should always, always be careful and remember to protect your spine and discs by setting your core muscles. This is explained later in this article. Strengthening the core muscles is one of the most important pieces of a back pain cure. But, don’t go too crazy! Ease into new exercises, and don’t go past the point of pain to the point that you cause yourself more harm than good.

Some of the exercises for bad back are as follows:

1.       Lying Leg To Chest

Lie on your back with your legs straight

Raise one knee towards your chest

Put both hands over or under your knee and pull closer to your chest

Hold the position for a few seconds, then lower your leg

Do the same with the other leg

Repeat several times


2.       Prone Press-Ups

Lie on your stomach similar to the push-up position but the pelvis touching the ground

Push the shoulders up while the pelvis remains in contact with the ground

Gradually lower shoulders

Lock the elbows and exhale

Repeat several times


3.       Ball on the wall

Stand with an exercise ball between your low back and a wall

Slide down and bend your knees, doing a squat while being supported by the exercise ball so you can keep a good posture

Stay on the crouch position and hold it for a couple of  seconds

Slide back up using the ball to remain supported and comfortable against the wall

Repeat several times


4.       Leg Raise

Lie on your stomach with the pelvis touching the ground

Tighten muscle on one leg and raise it

Hold the leg up for 10 seconds and then lower it

Do the same with the other leg

Repeat several times

Try raising one leg and the opposite arm at the same time

Alternate back and forth


5.       Half sit ups (Peak Ups, Crunches)

Lie flat on your back

Bend your knees and place your feet firm on the ground

Raise your head and shoulders off the ground while sliding your hands up  your legs and past your knees

Do this slowly and controlled, trembling muscles are fine. :)

Do not sit all the way up or go past any point of added pain

Relax and lower the head and shoulders again

Repeat several times a day


6.       Pelvic Lift

Lie on your back

Bend your knees and plant your feet firm on the ground

Keeps legs together and cross your arms over your chest

Lift your pelvis up

Hold the position for 5 seconds

Lower your pelvic

Repeat several times


7.      Calf Raises

Stand normally with weight even on both feet

Slowly raise both heels up and down

Repeat 10 times or more


8.      Core Setting

Lie on your back

Bend your knees

Keep your spine in a neutral position, there should be a bit of an arch in your low back (fingers should slide under easily)

Tighten the muscles in your lower abdomen. Feel about an inch down and inwards from your hip bones with your fingers to find the right muscles.

Hold the position for 10 seconds

Feel the muscles deep in your back on either side of the spine, tighten these muscles as if arching your back, without actually arching it.

Hold for 10 seconds

Tighten the pelvic floor muscles by contracting the same muscles you would if you had to stop yourself from urinating.

Hold for 10 seconds

Now combine all three of the above exercises, and hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat these exercises frequently and you will be well on your way to strengthening your core muscles.

These exercises for bad back could be done at home and does not need any equipment. In addition, these exercises for bad back could be done one to three times a day for several minutes and will significantly reduce back pains and will help the body be fit.

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