Chronic back pain relief with pain management

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Chronic back pain relief with pain management

You have a long hour desk job; you love to play soccer or you are expecting a baby. Whatever may be the reason, majority of people suffer from back pain at some point or the other. Research and survey says that second most widespread neurological disorder is back pain, headache being the first. If you are struggling with back pain, very first step is to properly assess primary cares. Origin of back pain can be many like muscle strain to more serious issues such as a herniated vertebral disc, spinal spondylosisthesis, osteoarthritis, a spinal tumor and so on.  Therefore, it becomes vital to find out the cause of back pain. Depending on the cause, treatment for the pain will also vary like how serious it is, for how long you are experiencing the pain and your personal needs and preferences.

Temporary back pain (Short-term)

Most commonly, back pain lasts not more than one or two months. Pains of these types can be cured using oral medication; few simple exercises and primary treatments at home.


Most cases of short-term back pain can be treated with painkillers and paracetamol. Though some people find NSAIDs, like ibuprofen to be more effective in lessening pain. But remember, these medicines can give you host of side effects too. So take advice from your doctor or pharmacist who will suggest you medicines that suits you well. Some may also experience muscle tremor in their nape region. They are recommended to undergo a short course of a muscle and nerve relaxant, like diazepam.

Hot and cold bath

An ancient remedy which gives chronic back relief is the hot and cold water bath. A hot bath or a hot bag when placed on the affected region immensely helps to lessen the pain. Some may get relief from cold bath. An ice bag or a bottle of cold water also reduces pain when placed over the aching region. Alternate placing of hot and cold using ice and hot bags over the affected region helps in lessening the back pain.

Sleeping posture

Changing and keeping check on your sleeping position can help in reducing some of the pain from the back. If you are sleeping sidewise, pull your legs up somewhat near your chest and place a pillow in between two legs. If you are lying straight, place a pillow under the knees. It is even advised to choose floor instead of your bed while lying.


Relaxation plays a vital role in easing the back pain because muscle strains caused due to too much tension about your health condition may make things worse. Research says that people who administer themselves positively despite the pain are likely to recover quickly.

Be active

Most experts now advice that lying in bed or being inactive for a long period of time is not good for back pain. People who can manage to stay active tend to get well at a faster pace. Activity may include easy walking around the house to going out for short walks. But, it’s advisable not to do certain activities that may cause severe pain.

Physical exercise and lifestyle

Once you recover from back pains, try taking proper care so that pain does not occur for the second time. Regular physical exercises and maintaining a healthy diet will help keep your body fit and healthy, hence preventing it from coming back. Activities like swimming, yoga and walking are accepted options.

Enduring back pain (long-term)

If you are suffering from a severe back pain for more than two months, your physiotherapist will advise you some treatments apart from oral medicines.

Exercise  The physical exercise programme will involve approximately eight sessions for a time span of nearly 12 weeks. Here, a qualified instructor supervises the whole class which consists of aerobics, yoga, exercises to toughen your muscles and improve your body posture.

Manual treatment  Manual therapy includes manipulation; massage and mobilization, which are performed by physiotherapists. A course of manual therapy needs almost 12 weeks including up to nine sessions.

Acupuncture – An ancient and most accepted Chinese methodology which includes insertion of fine needles at different places in the body. This course will include approximately 10 sessions for a time span of almost 12 weeks. Acupuncture is the most proven chronic back pain relief treatment for those who struggle everyday to carry out their daily routines.


When, treatment fails, cognitive behavioral therapy helps you to deal with your back pain by changing your thought process about your health condition. Those who have undergone counseling, remain active than before; take habitual exercises leading to a healthy life style.


Surgical treatment is the last option suggested when all other treatment fails. A common surgery called spinal fusion where additional section of bone is placed in the vertebral joint or two or more joints are blended to prevent it from moving, which lessens back pain. However, spinal fusion surgery is a complex procedure and doesn’t always give satisfactory results.

Every individual is different. So try out varies remedies and treatments for back pain until you find the right one for you.