The Bulletproof Back System Reviewed By Back Pain Sufferer

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The Bulletproof Back System Reviewed By Back Pain Sufferer

Bulletproof Back Review

When I first saw this product I was actually quite skeptical. It did catch my attention for a while, but I decided against buying it the first time that I landed on the sales page.

It was one of the few back pain products left on the market that I hadn’t tried, so I decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and buy the program to see what it was about. I ended up buying the Bulletproof Back system so that I could check it out and write a Bulletproof Back review to post here on my website.


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Bulletproof Back Complaints:

The first thing I noticed when I logged into the members area to check out the program is that the audio on the videos is way too quiet. I could hardly hear the voice of ‘Eric Wong’ who instructs these videos in what appears to be his empty basement.

I had to crank my speakers up 3/4 of the way just to hear what he was saying! In my opinion a lot more work could have went into mastering the videos properly so that you can actually hear Eric’s instructions.

Another thing I didn’t like about the Bulletproof Back System is that some of the modules for the videos were hard to navigate. Sometimes I would try to click on one video and another one would actually get the click. I think the website development could be a bit better. They tried to make the video players look fancy but it took away the ability to actually navigate to the video I wanted to see sometimes. Maybe this was just a problem with the Chrome internet browser or something, but it was annoying.

It would also be nice if Eric Wong made it more clear as to how fast someone should progress through these videos too. Most people will want to dive in too quickly and might end up over doing it with too much new activity all at once. Remember to take it slow when doing new exercises and stretches, especially when you’ve got a back injury!

Bulletproof Back System

Other than the annoying navigation and the low quality audio, the Bulletproof Back System is actually pretty darn good. I was impressed with the information and extremely helpful tips that Eric Wong gives as he explains each part of the system.

Bulletproof Back is broken down into different phases and should be taken slowly, one phase at a time with slow progressions. It’s often best to go slower than you think you should with this sort of exercise routine, so be forewarned not to overdo it and strain yourself.

The system itself is actually fantastic for anyone struggling with back pain, neck pain, or sciatica. As I went through each of the videos I found a lot of the best exercises that I have learned through various physiotherapy programs, chiropractors, qigong (chi kung), and other back pain programs were all repeated in this system, except with a better explanation of how to do it properly. Eric has a great way of explaining the exercises he demonstrates in the videos. Many of the tips were things that my physiotherapists hadn’t mentioned which have made a huge difference in how I do my daily exercise and stretching routine.

On top of all the exercises that I had already been doing, Eric exposed dozens of new back pain stretches and exercises that I didn’t know about. Many of them I have now incorporated into my daily routine.

The system includes 7 modules, or phases, which cover everything from the basics to the final strengthening and ‘bulletproofing’ your back.

The 7 Phases:

  • Bulletproof Back Fundamentals
  • Assessment Vidoes
  • Treatment Videos
  • Corrective Phase
  • Foundation Phase
  • 3D Strength Phase
  • Bulletproofing Phase

Each section is divided into sub-sections that include several videos each. There are a lot of videos included in this system, and if these exercises are new to you like many of them were to me, it may take you a while to go through them all and learn to do them correctly. That’s why it’s so important to take it slow and move through each phase very slow and carefully.

Little Things That Count

I really can’t stress enough how valuable some of the little tips that Eric Wong mentions are. Some of the slight posture adjustments that he demonstrates in the Bulletproof Back system can make or break the effectiveness of the exercise, so listen carefully to make sure you hear it all (even if it means cranking the volume!).

Bulletproof Back vs. Lose The Back Pain

When put up against the Lose The Back Pain System, Bulletproof Back wins in my books. Though the Lose The Back Pain system is more professionally packaged and has better recording quality, if I had to choose one or the other I would without question choose the Bulletproof Back system purely because it’s much more effective and provides a lot more value for the price.


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While the Lose The Back Pain program looks more scientific and fancy, it fails to provide the same level of value that Eric Wong’s Bulletproof Back program offers. It took me years to sift through the best exercises for true back pain relief by going to physiotherapists and chiropractors almost daily for months on end, but Eric Wong has put them all together with better instruction than most of my therapists have ever given me.

Conclusion = Try It!

In my opinion, the Bulletproof Back system is probably the best back pain exercise program that I’ve seen to date simply because of Eric Wong’s ability to explain each movement  in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. The body awareness and posture tips that he gives for each exercise or stretch in the videos is really the strong point of this program.

That and the fact that Eric Wong has included all of the best and most effective methods for developing a home treatment system for all kinds of back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. Whether the pain is from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, muscle imbalances, or pinched nerves, the Bulletproof Back pain system is definitely worth taking a look at.


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