Bodycraft Xpress Pro Home Gym Reviews

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Bodycraft Xpress Pro Home GymWhether you’re recovering from a back injury, trying to prevent re-injury, strengthening your body, or trying to put on huge muscle mass, the Bodycraft Xpress Pro Home Gym has everything you need and more.

This system is a complete gym that you can fit in the comfort of your own home, and it’s got all the features you’re looking for in a home gym so that you don’t miss out on certain muscle groups or have to sacrifice specific exercises to work out at home.

The Bodycraft Xpress Pro home gym features a bench press station with an adjustable starting point, and adjustable arms for the cables so that you can get your angles just right. It’s also got adjustable components for the back of the seat so that you can get everything just the way you want it and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts or rehabilitation efforts. The cable arms and pulleys make everything about the Bodycraft Xpress Pro move in a completely unrestricted way that allows for completely natural and biomechanically correct movements. This way you will feel the full effect of every exercise you do with the Xpress Pro home gym.


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The Bodycraft Xpress Pro comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with it. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that if anything goes wrong with it, ever, you can use your warranty to get it fixed for free. After reading some Bodycraft Xpress Pro reviews it’s clear that there are very few defects with this system, and that’s why so many people are rating the Xpress Pro the best home gym in it’s price range.

Supporting over 100 different exercises, the Bodycraft Xpress Pro allows you to do all the exercises you love to do at the gym in the comfort of your own home. The available exercises include chest press, lat pulls, leg lifts, and shoulder press, seated rows, press arms, leg curls, and a huge variety of other exercises you can do with the pulley arms and adjustable plates and cables.

The Bodycraft Xpress Pro can provide you with a great home gym for all purposes, whether its rehabilitation after an injury, sports training exercises, core strengthening, or weight loss, this is the home gym rated best by amazon reviewers and it sits at the top of the home gym reviews on many of the most popular review websites on the internet.

Many of the Bodycraft Xpress Pro home gym reviews share that users enjoy the adjustable set of pulleys which can be conveniently positioned for things like triceps extensions and ab exercises. The highest positioned pulley is perfect for doing triceps pushdowns and lat pulldowns. Reviewers also often comment on how great the low pulley is for leg and hip exercises, doing bicep curls, upright rows, and low rows.

Because the system features so many pulleys and cables there is no restrictions so the movements are totally biomechanically correct and as natural as possible. The use of cables and pulleys means that the Xpress Pro gym is great for stabilizer and core muscles, making it ideal for rehabilitation exercises for those with injuries or low back and hip pain. This is something that most other home gyms do not feature, and it’s why this is the best home gym for rehabilitation after a back injury.

The Bodycraft Xpress pro comes with 200 LBS weight stacks, but the stacks can be doubled to 400 LBS when using the leg press, meaning you will have no shortage of weight unless you are some sort of muscle building monster or professional body builder.

One of the few complaints about the Bodycraft Xpress Pro home gym is that for taller people (over 6 feet) the middle pulley is difficult to use for abdominal exercises, though for people under 6 feet the cables and pulleys do a great job of adjusting to the proper position for a good ab workout.


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Bodycraft Xpress Pro Home Gym