Back Pain In Upper Back: Upper Back Pain Exercises

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Back Pain In Upper Back: Upper Back Pain Exercises

Pain in Upper Back

Pain in Upper Back

Back Pain In Upper Back

Upper Back Pain Exercises To Help You Get Through It

Back pain in the upper back could be uncomfortable and it is definitely a problem when it happens while one is working or studying. The usual pain on the upper back usually affects the shoulders, neck and head.  Back pain in the upper back is generally common and the usual causes are muscular irritation, problems on the spine and joint dysfunction.

Pain in the muscles

Most of the time, the common areas of muscular irritation are the large muscles on the shoulder blades as well as the thoracic rib cage. The pain on the muscles on the upper back are often caused by its lack of strength, injuries caused by repetitive motions and other injuries from physical activities like too much sports, working out, accidents and others. The ribs connected to the thoracic spine could also cause pain on the upper back. The joints could be dysfunctional and manual manipulation is often done to correct it.

The Posture

Another reason that could cause back pain in the upper back is the posture. If the gravity of the body is tilted forward due to posture, the muscles of the back could experience strain. Large breasts, pregnancy, lifting heavy loads and bending could also cause pain on the upper back.

There is also another case called the forward head. This is where the head is often extended out than its normal posture which may cause muscle pains and even muscle damage if not immediately treated. The muscles of the neck is also weakened, contracted and shortened because of the forward head. This then causes pain on the upper body as well as poor posture.


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Severe cases of pain in upper back

On some instances, the back pain in the upper back could be caused by something much more serious. Osteoporosis is when the bones become porous, brittle and fragile that the spine can no longer carry its own weight. The rupturing of the spinal disk on the other hand is a rare case but remains severe. And accidents like vehicular or falling accidents might cause a whiplash. It is when the shock from the accident severely strains the upper back muscles as well as the neck.

Treatments for upper back pain

If you suspect that the back pain in the upper back is caused by muscle train or poor posture, the treatments could be simple. A massage is one of the common solution in relieving muscle pain, another way is by asking someone to press the point of their elbows to the painful part of the shoulder muscles. For women who experience back pains caused by large breasts, a sports bra is greatly recommended to provide support.

Here are some upper back pain exercises to help relieve the pain. However it is important to remember that the neck is vulnerable so it must be moved with care.

         Upper Back Stretch

This is done by standing with the feet apart, and then put your hands on your back while interlocking your fingers. Draw the hands closer then bend forward. Hold for a few seconds, release then repeat until the pain decreases.

         Twist and Turn

Stand with your feet apart, hold your arms wide and turn as far as you can to the left until you feel a pulling sensation on the upper back. Hold the position for a few seconds then turn to the opposite direction. Turn on each side several times until the pain lessens.

         Shoulder Exercise

Stand naturally with arms on the side. Raise and lower the shoulders gradually 10 times.

         Shoulder Squeeze

You can either sit or stand. Let your arms comfortably rest on the side then press your shoulder blades together. Hold them for a few seconds, return to natural position then repeat as desired.

         Chin Drop

You can either sit or stand. Hold your head and look forward. Drop your chin to your chest until you feel a pulling sensation on your upper back. Hold the position for a few seconds, return to your natural position and repeat it as desired.

Other treatments are cold or hot compress to ease back pain in the upper back, acupuncture, spinal manipulation and physical therapy to increase balance and flexibility.

Home Exercises For Upper Back Pain

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