Back Joy Core – Will it Cure Back Pain?

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Back Joy Core – Will it Cure Back Pain?

Back Joy Core Review

Back JoyMost of us live with back pain at some point in our lives. We just live with it and don’t give it much thought. But, did you know that back pain is usually caused by improper posture and insufficient back support. Back Joy Core is a product that promises to improve back pain by properly aligning and supporting the spine, but does it really work?

The Back Orthodontic

Back Joy Core call themselves the back orthodontic. They claim to support your back using their patented system. They use pressure point relief to take the stress out of your back, where so much of it is stored. The difference between Back Joy Core and other back support products is that it’s not so much a back pad as it is a seat. You sit on it. The BackJoy seat aims to raise up the back of your seat so that your back naturally aligns properly rather than having your legs too far bent up and putting pressure on your spine.

The Claims

Back Joy Core claims that their product will allow you to sit for longer periods of time without having stress or becoming uncomfortable. They also make a bold claim that you will have better natural posture after only seven days of using a BackJoy seat. It also claims to minimize pressure and strain from sitting.

The Seat

The Back Joy Core seat is very unique looking. It has lots of holes for air circulation so that you will not have to worry about getting sweaty. It is made out of a micro suede that is very soft to the touch, so even if you are wearing shorts and your skin comes in contact with the seat, it will still remain comfortable. It is made of memory form so that it contours to every curve of your body for the ultimate comfort. The unique curve lifts you higher off the seat you are sitting on and aligns your spine more properly with the rest of your body. It comes in a variety of colors so that there is something to match with any office or home décor

Does it Really Work?

Back Joy CoreIf you are interested in the BackJoy seat, then you are going to need to find out if it really does work as they say it does before you go spending your hard earned money on a product that might be worthless. By reading BackJoy reviews, you can determine whether or not it is a product that is really going to help improve your posture and take away your back pain. Here is an example of some of the reviews that I was able to find when I was looking online.

This is an amazing little product! It cups your sit bones so that they are in more of a position like when you are standing. No more slumping over at the dinner table and at the computer. I haven’t felt this good in years. Yes, as one review said, you can just use your own muscles and sit up correctly…that lasts about 30 seconds for me, then I just slump right back. The biggest improvement is when I use it in the truck. Those seats are designed for a large man, not a 5’4″ lady. A long trip would now be possible!” -S. D. Carlson from

It’s clear from reviews like this that BackJoy is a product that really does live up to the expectations that the manufacturers set forth for it. Back Joy Core is usually found for around forty dollars on the official website, which is a small price to pay for back pain relief.


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