Affiliate Program

Hey folks, we’re all looking to learn a bit of extra cash, especially in these tougher economic times!

It’s no secret that I make a few bucks by running this website, but I am happy to share that experience with you!

If you have a website, or are starting a website, related to natural health, back pain, arthritis, fitness, or other health topics, then this may be for you!

The Lose The Back Pain Affiliate Program is a great way for you to make some serious income or just earn a little extra money while helping others eliminate their back pain and enjoy life again.

We have a wide range of products, including: digital download products, physical products, information products, nutritional supplements and recurring revenue products. Commissions vary per product and you can earn between 20 – 100%! Click here for our list of products and corresponding commission.

…and make money helping people!

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