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by | Feb 8, 2020

About Me

Welcome to Natural-Sciatic-Relief.com, as a fellow back pain sufferer I know how you feel when you wake up in the morning and can hardly get out of bed.

I know what you’re thinking as you’re painfully making your way to the medicine cabinet for your first dose of pain medication for the day.

And I understand how frustrating it is when you can’t do simple tasks like buying groceries, taking out the garbage, or playing with your kids because of the constant pain in your back, hip, or leg.

At only 24 years old, I had already been through it all. When I was 18 years old I injured my back with improper lifting techniques at work. It hurt quite a bit, and I had some time off. I went to the chiropractor and to physio therapy, and I did the same generic stretches that you’re probably doing today.

After a few months of treatment, my doctor and physiotherapist said I was ‘all healed up’ and ready to go back to normal work activities. The only problem with that was that I didn’t feel all healed up and ready to go back to normal activities… But I did anyway because I was 18 and didn’t know any better.

I spent another several years working manual labor jobs, with bouts of light/medium back pain sprinkled throughout the years… Right up until August of 2010 when I tripped on the stairs while carrying a jug of ingredients at the job I was working. When I tripped on the stairs I instantly knew that something was wrong… I now had intense shooting pain going from my lower back and butt cheek all the way down right my leg and into my ankle… Pain like I had never felt before — I left work and went to see the doctor about it right away.

The same familiar process that I went through with my first back injury started over again.. And I couldn’t find any sort of relief. This time the pain was much worse and felt different than the last time. With this injury I was getting pain going through my thigh and down my leg, which would also go tingly and numb from time to time. . . The back pain had progressed to sciatica and nerve pain.

Since this injury I have tried pretty much everything… From physio and chiropractic to acupuncture, massage therapy, qigong, energy healing, yoga, systemic enzyme therapy, muscle balance therapy, spinal decompression, you name it, I’ve tried it.

After months of the regular treatment methods, my back pain and sciatica had not improved and I was referred to a surgeon about my back pain… I am still on a waiting list to see him. An MRI showed that I have a large disc herniation in the L4-L5 region, which is causing severe spinal stenosis and compressed nerve roots on both sides of the disc. After a few months of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments I was ordered back to work on a modified duty return to work program while I waited to hear from the surgeon… Even though I could hardly stand for more than a few minutes without extreme pain.

After a couple of weeks of the light duty 3 hour shifts of paper work and button pushing, I was injured again. This time was even more serious – while on one of my 3 hour shifts, a large air diffuser which was attached to the ceiling of the production plant that I worked in came loose, and fell from the ceiling, landing right on my head as I was walking under it.

This thing is about 4ft x 3ft x 3ft and weighs between 150-200 lbs! It actually caused de-gloving of my scalp when it landed on me, ripping the skin on the back of my head off, and exposing my bare skull.

Luckily I survived and was rushed to the hospital. I received 22 staples and 15 stitches to put my head back together and stop the bleeding. I lost over half of my blood, too — my hemoglobin count was down to 69 when it’s normally around 150. Surprisingly, the incident caused no brain damage or broken bones — but it did leave me with a nasty scar and another case of back pain... This time in my upper back between my shoulder blades, a part of my spine that used to be pain-free.

You can read the full story about the injury in a post I wrote on my personal blog, but for the purposes of this page I’ll just say that it was a miracle that I was not killed in this incident.

Since the air diffuser injury I have not returned to work, my back pain has been getting worse, and I hope to get in to see the surgeon soon… Yes, I am still on the waiting list. With my time off from work I have decided to start this website as a way to share my experiences and hopefully help others who are in similar situations with back pain, neck pain, or sciatica.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve pretty much tried everything… Some of the methods and products I have tried have worked quite well, some of them haven’t worked at all, and some have even made my condition worse. I wanted to build this website to help others make wise decisions when it comes to dealing with their back pain or sciatica, and to save you money when it comes to finding the right products and the ones that work.

I take pride in offering the highest quality information about back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and sciatica. I’ve spent hundreds of hours testing a variety of treatments and back pain products in an effort to single out the very best and most effective ways to deal back pain and sciatica.

I’m not just helping you understand and treat your own back pain, I’m treating my back pain too! This website was made for back pain sufferers by a back pain sufferer. I too struggle daily to keep my pain under control.

I have written the articles found here on this website based on my own real life experience, not professional training or corporate sponsorship.

Who I Am

  • A health enthusiast
  • A blogger and website developer
  • A son, a brother, and an uncle
  • The owner of 2 3 cats, an iguana, and a kingsnake
  • A back pain sufferer

Who I Am NOT

  • A licensed health care provider of any kind
  • A giant corporation
  • A clinic or health center

I made this website to share my experiences in hopes that others can learn from my failures and successes when it comes to dealing with back pain and sciatica.

None of the information here should be considered professional advice, and you should consult a health care professional before taking any advice offered on this website.

I am just sharing my own personal experiences, and what works for me may or may not work for you as well. If you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to use the contact form to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Use This Website

To get the most out of this website you should first read the free articles, you can find them by clicking on “articles” in the top navigation menu, just under the website logo. The information in these articles is free, and it might be just what you need!

Secondly, you should head to the back pain books section and pick up a few of the back pain books that I recommend there. These are the best books that I have been able to find about back pain and they are all well worth reading if you are serious about getting rid of your pain.

Finally, you should take a look at the back pain products section where I have listed and reviewed some of the best (and worst) products that I have used. Though none of the products listed there have cured me of back pain, several of them have offered me at least a bit of relief. Some of the products have cured thousands of others of their pain, but everyone’s condition is different and I cannot guarantee any level of success. If you think one of the products might help your condition I encourage you to try it out and find out for yourself, because you’ll never know if you don’t try.

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