How To Stretch For Lower Back Pain Without Hurting Yourself

stretch for lower back pain

Stretches For Lower Back Pain

When you hurt your back, the typical reaction is to take it slow either by at least avoiding strenuous exercises or staying in bed. While there is merit in taking rest, recommended even for short periods of time, this can actually prevent your back from healing completely when done for too long – more than a couple of days. Instead, it would be better if you stretch for lower back pain coupled with other active forms of exercise to rehabilitate the spine.

Safe Stretching

But did you know that you don’t actually have to hurt yourself to do a stretch for low back pain?

Everyone benefits from stretching the soft tissues, the ligaments, muscles, and tendons around your spine, the butt, legs, and back since they are all made to move. Stretching essentially activates muscles, making them move, so they are always in good working condition. If the muscles are limited in their motion it often aggravates back pain, which is never a good thing.

Those with chronic back pain will find that it may take weeks or months of doing a stretch for lower back pain and other exercises for the back in order to mobilize the soft tissues and the spine. However, once increased motion is attained, sustained back pain relief is reported that’s why it really is important to stretch as much as possible. Remember not to over stretch or try to stretch too far or too hard though, and if it causes a sharp increase in pain, STOP immediately!

Stretch For Lower Back Pain

Getting started on doing a stretch for lower back pain? Keep in mind the following:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that will not constrict your movement;
  • Stretching should not be painful so don’t force yourself to do difficult positions;
  • Move into each position slowly and don’t bounce because bouncing causes muscle tears;
  • Do your stretches on a flat surface that is big enough for you to move around in;
  • Hold a stretch for lower back pain for about 20 to 30 seconds to loosen muscles and joints; and
  • Repeat stretches around five to 10 times each.

Hamstring Stretches & Back Pain

The hamstrings are located at the back of each of your thighs. When the hamstrings are tight, this cuts down on pelvic motion which increases pressure on the lower back and corrupts proper posture. Keeping the hamstrings stretched then is one of the ways by which you can alleviate back pain.

It’s a good thing there are different kinds of stretches you can take advantage of, letting you do the stretch for lower back pain that you can easily handle.

Some of the hamstring stretches you can take advantage of include:

  • Standing hamstring stretch – This is a very common technique, but many people with back pain SHOULD NOT DO THIS STRETCH. This is the stretch where you simply bend forward while standing with your arms hanging down and legs straight. Try to reach your toes but don’t strain. Stop when you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. This stretch can cause problems for people with disc problems so I recommend that you use one of the other stretches for hamstrings below.
  • Chair hamstring stretch – This is less straining than the standing hamstring stretch. This stretch will have you sitting on a chair and then placing your legs straight in front on top of another chair. Reach for your toes. You may also choose to do one leg at a time, which is recommended for people with back pain or spinal disc injuries.
  • Towel hamstring stretch – As one of the mildest stretch for lower back pain you can take advantage of, you can start things off by lying on the floor. Get a towel and then pull up a leg and straighten it out by wrapping the towel behind your foot. Like the chair hamstring stretch, you can also do one leg at a time.

Just make sure you follow all instructions for whatever stretch you may be interested in and you will be just fine. You are doing a stretch after all to address lower back pain. Doing a stretch improperly puts you at risk of hurting yourself, which could potentially cause you more harm than the initial back pain you had.

If you want to learn how to do these and other stretches safely, I highly recommend the Safe Stretching DVD from the Stretching Institute.

Gravity Inversion Tables: Do They Actually Work?

teeter hang ups inversion tables

Teeter Hang Ups

Pain in the back shouldn’t be dismissed as normal and average pain because it can indicate permanent damage, which consequently affects your movements and daily activities.

The back plays a major role in movement and any harm inflicted on the back can be very uncomfortable and restricting. One of the more common problems addressed by gravity inversion tables is sciatica, a set of symptoms that occur when discs and nerves of the spine are compressed. Sciatica causes intense pain, leaving a person immobilized and helpless at times.

Back pain is even damaging to the career, especially for those that rely on manual labor for bread and butter. Back pains can lead to more serious accidents, such as falling from the stairs. This opens the door to several other injuries that may really affect the lifestyle of a person.

Back pains are not only to be addressed by pain killers, as these are merely temporary cures. Moreover, constant intake of pain killers will make the body build resistance against them. When the pain comes back or becomes worse, the medication may not work anymore.

Gravity Inversion Tables

Gravity inversion tables are then a worthy investment because it does not harm the bodys immune system in anyway.

Gravity inversion tables are also particularly helpful in aiding blood circulation. When a person is inverted, his or her blood circulation is stimulated because of gravity. In the process, the inversion table will also help clear up the lymphatic system. This reduces the body and muscle aches commonly associated with back and sciatic problems.

Gravity Inversion Tables Can Reduce Stress

Many people also swear by the inversion tables power to relieve stress. The feeling comes almost instantaneously. According to inversion therapy clients, the relief that they feel in inversion therapy is similar to the relief that they feel after a yoga class or meditation session. It helps them take control of stress and makes them sleep better at night.

Gravity inversion tables also improve a persons flexibility and mobility. It keeps the joints in healthy condition, maintaining their suppleness. Even the old people undergoing the inversion therapy can still do their physical activities that they used to do when they were younger.

Gravity Inversion Tables And Posture

Expect the inversion table to improve your posture too. The gravity helps realign the spine that often becomes uneven without age and the increase of one-sided physical activities. Inversion therapy helps the body naturally align the spine. The gravity also improves the posture and injects more grace in the persons movements.

Studies On Gravity Inversion Tables

Several studies have been conducted by Newcastle experts on the effect of gravity inversion tables on back ailments. In one study, 8 inversion treatments had positive results on 88.6% of 175 patients. Although 8 treatments weren’t sufficient for all people, the study showed that mere 8 inversion treatments are powerful enough to lessen the pain. In another study, participants that displayed intense muscle pain exhibited improvement by a whopping 35% after they went through an inversion therapy. The relief, according to the respondents, almost immediately came in as little as 10 seconds.

Gravity inversion tables help reduce the number of sick days filed because of excruciating back pain. Plus, the inversion table therapy does not require a lot of processes. In another study, the inversion therapy reduced back surgeries to as much as 70.5%.

The gravity inversion table has been around since 3,000 BC and up to now, it has never failed any back patient. It addresses a multitude of nerve-related diseases, such as arthritis, pinched nerve, herniated disc, spondylosthesis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, and other back and nerve ailments that disrupt movement. Most of all, the treatment is safe if you buy a high quality inversion table. Just one piece of investment and you’re all set.


Back Pain Remedies At Home: Things To Lookout For

back pain remedies at home

back pain remedies

One of the most common reasons why people go and visit their doctor is back pain. Back pain, also known as dorsalgia, affects nine out of ten adults and is the fifth most common reason for doctor visits.

Back pain is pain that is felt in the back which usually originates from bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and other structures in the spine. Because of the discomfort back pain brings, a lot of people seek back pain remedies at home.

Back Pain Remedies At Home

Before the back pain remedies at home are discussed, here is a brief look on this condition’s characteristics. Back pain can be classified by anatomy, by duration, and by cause.

Classifications of Back Pain

If it is classified by anatomy, it can be divided into four: cervical back pain (neck), thoracic back pain (upper back), lumbar back pain (lower back), and sacral spine back pain (tailbone). If it is classified by duration, it can be acute (less than 4 weeks), sub-acute (4-12 weeks), or chronic (greater than 12 weeks). If the back pain is classified by cause, it can be infectious, cancerous, musculoskeletal, or caused by a herniated disc.

What Does Back Pain Feel Like?

People who suffer from back pain describe their back pain in a lot of ways: it can be a dull ache, a sharp pain, or a piercing sensation. Other people also say that along with back pain, they also experience pain in other parts of the body such as arms, hands, legs, and feet. Some people experience weakness, tingling, or numbness along with the back pain.

teeter hang ups reviews

Back Pain Remedy At Home

How To Deal With Back Pain

People resort to different ways in dealing with their back pain. Some would choose to take drugs and medication to address the pain. Other people consult their physicians regarding surgery so they would be rid of the pain once and for all. But for people who do not want to experience the side effects of drugs and medication, and for people who do not want to undergo risky surgical procedures, they choose to treat their condition with home back pain remedies instead, or a combination of alternative back pain treatments.

Home Back Pain Remedy

Home back pain remedies are extremely beneficial because most of them are safe and can be used by all people. For example, back pain is common in pregnant women because of the increased weight and stress in the body. Using natural home remedies can ease the symptoms of back pain but does not endanger mom and the baby in any way. Of course the way to get rid of back pain forever is to get to the root cause of the pain because if you just manage the symptoms, there is a chance that your back pain will return and keep in recurring.

Most back pain remedies at home involve massages, essential oils, and doing – and not doing – some sort of physical activity. One way to relieve back pain is by using essential massage oils and massaging the affected area with deep pressure. Massaging helps relax the muscles in the area. Another way is to avoid back pain is to use pillows and chairs that provide adequate support for your back. Other back pain remedies at home include using a hot compress on the affected area and doing stretching exercises (which is done under the supervision of a health care practitioner).

However, before you try out any back pain remedies at home, you must consult with your health and back pain specialists first to make sure that they are safe for you to do.

More Back Pain Help

Aside from using back pain remedies at home, you can also read about other back pain related articles in Natural Sciatic Relief. The website is filled with articles regarding different types of back pain and different methods on treating the different types of back pain.

You can browse through all the articles in the website so that you will be informed on the different types of back pain, what can cause back pain, and how can you treat back pain. You can also pick up some useful tips and natural remedies on how to treat your back pain.

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