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Exercise yoga for back pain relief

Exercise yoga for back pain relief

Exercise yoga for back pain relief

Yoga has been considered as a proven back pain reliever since ancient ages. In the recent decades yoga has gained immense popularity across the globe, and nearly everyone practice yoga regularly to get spiritualistic solace as well as better health. Generally a yoga class consists of physical exercises, meditation and breathing exercises. Many people who suffer from back problems believe yoga to be a magic reliever in reducing back pain and provide several benefits which include:

  • Growing strength and flexibility
  • Alleviating pain
  • Providing relaxation and reposing

Nowadays, researchers are slowly discovering chapters on how yoga can treat chronic and serious diseases. Studies state that yoga can be a helpful part of treatment plan for many critical medical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, heart disease, asthma, addiction and many back as well as neck problems.

Can Yoga help in lessening back pain?

Although there is no universal thumb rule of treatment which works for everyone, many forms of yoga can immensely help to reduce back aches. Say for example, those who practice yoga twice a week, after 8 weeks they experience significant gains in flexibility, strength and fortitude, which is the fundamental goal of almost every rehabilitation curriculum for back aches.

In addition to physical aspect, our mental agonies often lead to stressful symptoms and diseases like strain in neck or back pain. Thus meditation and deep breathing induces a relaxation response which stabilizes mental misbalance which further leads to lessen back aches.

Can people who aren’t naturally flexible try yoga?

Well, actually it works wonder to them who aren’t inherently flexible.  Moreover, all the yoga for back pain relief can be personalized and modified for beginners so that everybody can exercise a version of the poses and get the benefits. Different proficiencies are required for different yoga poses: some assist the practitioner grow strength, others bring poise, and rest train to develop concentration and attention.

Who shouldn’t practice yoga?

Yoga is safe for everyone, but based on your medical condition, few poses may call for modification and few should be avoided. These are some examples of patients who are advised to avoid or modify certain yoga poses:

  • Extreme extension of spinal bones such as back bends in yoga should be avoided by patient diagnosed   serious spinal stenosis.
  • Long shoulder and head strands in yoga should be avoided by patients with cervical spine disease at advance stages.

What exercises to be done to lessen back pain?

If the origin of your back pain has come from prolonged sitting or standing, doing this simple yoga for back pain relief will help you to get rid of your back pain quickly.You can exercise this yoga pose anywhere.  Be it in office on your chair in front of the work desk or in your home in front of your television on the yoga mat.

Sit comfortably in cross-legged pose also known as Sukhasana. Keep your shoulders relaxed and back straight. Besides, try to keep your feet parallel while standing and most importantly smile and be happy.

§  Broadening the spine

1.      Take slow deep breath; raise your arms up slowly from the sides

2.      Interlock your fingers in a way so that the thumbs touch each other

3.      Stretch your muscles as much as you can comfortably. Stretch your elbows straight and make sure that your biceps touch your ears

4.      Hold on to this position for 2-3 long breaths

§  Twisting the spine to right and left

1.      Breathe out, and then slowly twist to the right side. Hold this posture for a while

2.      Inhale; come back to the normal position

3.      Again breathe out, twist toward left side and again hold this position for few seconds

4.      Inhale and return to normal position

§  Bending the spine right and left

1.      Breathe out and slightly curve to the right side. Hold on the posture for some time

2.      Breathe in and return to nor normal position

3.      Exhale and repeat the same by bending toward left

4.      Inhale; come back to your normal posture

5.      Make use of your abdominal muscles while stretching

§  Bending the spine forward and backward

1.      Breathe out; stretch your hands in the front

2.      Inhale and while breathe out bend forward from your lower back

3.      Again breathe in and while you exhale, twist to your right side. Make sure that both the hands are placed parallel to each other and are stretched uniformly

4.      Inhale and return to the normal position

5.      Repeat the same step by turning to the other direction

Benefits of back stretching exercises

  • Improves body posture
  • Strengthens abdominal and back muscles
  • Nice way to warm up the body prior to start other yoga exercises
  • Helps in better functioning of lungs hence lessens breathing problem

It is strongly advisable that those who suffer back pain due to slip disc must consult doctor before practicing yoga and practice yoga at home only after you have mastered the guidance from an expert trainer.

Remedies for back pain relief

Remedies for back pain relief

Remedies for back pain relief

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by millions around the world. It can range from mild to severe, and it can be acute or chronic. While some forms of back pain goes away with an hour or two, without any treatment others may remain for days and may not go until proper treatment is done. It is something that can affect anyone. However it is most common amongst adults above the age of 35. When it comes to treatment, it depends upon the root cause. There are several forms of treatment available to get rid of this problem.

What causes back pain?

Human back has a complex structure and any problem with one part can trickle down to the other parts, making things harder for you. There is no definite reason for back pain to occur however, at times a minor twist can cause severe pain and other times the pain might not occur until the problem becomes severe. There are several factors that can cause back pain the most common ones are:

  • Strain- it is something that leads to acute pain. It happens when you put pressure on your back that it is not used to like, lifting a heavy object or lifting something improperly. This kind of pressure can cause strain in ligaments or muscles that leads to back pain
  • Problem with disk- a disk is like a cushion between the bones in your spine. At times the disk may bulge and end up putting pressure on the nerves which can cause the pain
  • Arthritis – it is faced by most of the elderly people, arthritis in spine can cause spinal stenosis which means narrowing of the space around the spinal cord. Patients suffering from this problem also experiences knee pain, pain in hands and hips
  • Skeletal problems- if your spin curves in an abnormal way then you might experience back pain
  • Infection of spine- there are several types of infection one can get in the spine. The symptoms include fever and tenderness in the back etc

Other than these, there are several other factors that can cause this problem like falling down, slip disk, cancer of spine etc. However, with proper treatment most of these problems can be completely cured.

Back pain relief can be attained only when the reason is found out. In case of acute pain you might be able to tell the reason because it occurs suddenly due to some drastic action. However, in case of chronic back pain finding out the root cause may be difficult. Thus a physician will run tests including X- rays, MRI scans, Bone scan etc to figure out the problem, once that is done he/ she will start the treatment accordingly.


  • Medication- One of the most common remedy is the use of medicines, while some are for application others are for consumption. While most over the counter medications can help relief mild pain it may not be effective in case of severe pain. There are certain muscle relaxants and antidepressants that used for temporary pain relief. However most of the medications may have side effects and consumed while using other prescribed drugs may cause serious problems. Thus it’s best to consult your doctor before taking them
  • Physiotherapy- Usages of electrical stimulation, application of heat or ice packs are common back pain relief methods. It can be done by a trained therapist or you can try them yourselves. There are muscle release techniques that can help reduce the pain. When the pain subsides the therapist may introduce certain exercises that will not only help reduce the pain but it will also improve your posture. However, it is not a onetime treatment like medications; you must continue to practice it even when there is no pain
  • Cortisone injections-It is used when the pain starts to spreads down your leg at that point your doctor might inject Cortisone to help reduce the pain. Cortisone is an anti- inflammatory drug that is injected within the epidural space. The effect generally lasts for a couple of months then it might have to be injected again or a correctional procedure might have to be performed

Apart from these there is acupuncture, shiatsu and some natural remedies like herbal oils and ointments that can be applied to get back pain relief. If all the other method fails you will have to opt for a surgical procedure.

Though back pain can affect any individual people with prior medical condition or those who are overweight are more prone to it. Thus, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Doing regular workouts, exercises and yoga can reduce the risk of having a back problems. However, it is important to get proper treatment if you get diagnosed with this problem as without treatment you might end up damaging your back.